Time for an update!

I haven’t updated this blog in months so I think it’s time for a bit of an update on my life since I last wrote. First off, I won’t be leaving Ireland this month as originally planned. I will be going back to the states at the end of July, but come September I’ll be headed back to Dublin to attend Trinity College and pursue a master’s in Film Studies. I’m thrilled to be spending another year or so in Ireland, and I can’t wait to go back to school (and can’t believe I’m saying that).

The last three months have flown by. I think the combination of working a lot and wanting to make the most of my time here has kept me incredibly busy which makes time pass so quickly. Before I found out I had been accepted to Trinity I was worried that these last few months really were my last few months and I was not ready to leave. My first few months here were definitely a challenge, but once I found my place here I couldn’t imagine leaving Dublin so soon. I’ll get on to what I’ve been up to since April…


For my first 9 months of living in Ireland I had not left this island. I was starting to get stir crazy, but since I didn’t have a fully time job until December I didn’t really have the resources to do a lot of traveling until I’d been working for a bit. For my first trip outside of Ireland I decided to go somewhere really exotic and different…Scotland. A country you can literally see from Ireland on a clear day.

I went to Edinburgh which was even more beautiful than I imagined. Dublin has some great Georgian architecture, but overall isn’t exactly a city you visit for its looks. Edinburgh, however, is stunning. Something about the old stone and lines of the buildings there, combined with tiny hidden streets is so intriguing to me. I spent most of my time just wandering the streets, although I did visit Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle.

I also took a day trip to the Highlands where I visited Loch Ness, saw a lot of beautiful scenery and spent a lot of time on a bus.

My trip was so short, and there’s so much to see in Edinburgh so I’d definitely like to go back sometime soon.


At the beginning of May Grace and I were growing a bit weary of the endless rain and grey, so we tried to cheer ourselves up by experiencing a bit of culture. I finally went to visit the Book of Kells, and let me tell you I was a bit disappointed. Every tour guide I’ve ever had in Dublin has said it is a must-see while in Dublin, but in my opinion it can be skipped. The exhibit is so crowded with school trips and tourists that you can’t really enjoy the exhibit, the book is small and you have to push your way close enough to see it, and it just wasn’t worth the ticket price. You do get to see inside the library, which is beautiful, but I think the money would have been better spent on a ticket to an exhibit at the National Gallery, or even just a few pints probably would’ve provided more entertainment.

In May I also went to Durrow for a few days which is always nice. Much of the rest of the month was spent avoiding rain, sitting in the sun when it would finally decide to come out, and working.


In June I finally made it to the Guinness Storehouse. For Valentine’s Day this year my mother got me a couples ticket to the Storehouse from a Valentine’s Day Excursion website, which was thoughtful but also a fun reminder that I was single on Valentine’s Day and didn’t actually have anyone to take with me. I could have brought a friend, but seeing as I (thankfully) have more than one friend It would have had to choose just one and I didn’t want to have to make that decision. It only took me 4 months to find a date to bring with me. I learned how to pour the perfect pint, and spent entirely too long in the gift shop.

The rest of June was spent trying out new bars, playing pool, losing at board games and enjoying summer weather. June is also when I found out that I’d been accepted at Trinity, and since I now knew what my future was going to hold (for the next year at least) I felt less stressed about what I was going to do with my life and more excited for what my second year in Dublin will bring.


The beginning of July was a bit rocky. A few weeks earlier my roommates told me that our lease was up, and they would not be re-signing so I needed to find a new place to live on quite short notice. As I did not find out about Trinity until the very end of June, I was still basing my decisions on leaving Dublin on July 31st and hopefully making my way back at some unknown point in the future. That meant I needed to find a place to live for just July. Finding a place in Dublin to rent is hard enough, but finding a place for one month that perfectly matches the dates you require is next to impossible. There was one listing for a place that suited my needs, and thankfully I secured it. Over the last 11+ months I have somehow acquired twice the amount of belongings that I first came here with, so moving was a bit of a hassle. Due to various circumstances I ended up having to move on my own, and I had to use 2 taxis and a lot of running back and forth to get all my stuff into the new place. Now that I’m settled into my new place I’m already thinking about having to pack up my stuff, find a place to store it until September and then finding a new place to live for the school year.

I also celebrated 4th of July for the first time out of the US. I did get a free pint (with proof of US ID, apparently my accent and general demeanor weren’t enough proof) and had a great time going out with my friend Anne, but I missed celebrating the Fourth back home.

This weekend I’m attending Longitude which is a music festival held in Marlay Park in Dublin. Yesterday we saw The Weeknd which was a great show, and tonight is Mumford & Sons which I’m extremely excited for. None of us had ever been to a music festival before, so it has an experience. Never before had we seen so much bad fake tan, weird outfits or boobs. The people watching between sets is almost more entertaining than some of the performances.

So that’s a brief synopsis of what I’ve been up to the last few months. I’m feeling excited to be back in the States for a bit, because now that I’m coming back to Ireland in September for school it will feel like a real summer vacation. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with my parents, and hopefully getting back to Florida to get a Pub Sub and visit a beach that doesn’t require a wet suit to enter the water.

It’s a nice day so I’m not going to spend any more of it inside writing this, but I will try to post more regularly because my next year here should bring a lot of new experiences and adventures for me to document (maybe in video form this time), and I can’t wait to see what year two in Dublin will bring.



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