Venturing into the mountains

It’s finally starting to feel like spring in Ireland, and the high temperature for tomorrow is even supposed to break 60! It has been quite rainy though the last few weeks so I’ve been trying to make the most of the time when it isn’t raining.


Wicklow Mountains National Park

Working full time means that the only time I really get to go out and explore is on the weekends, but this past Friday I got to get out into the Dublin Mountains (which are not technically real mountains) for a work lunch. Dermot and Collette took me to lunch at the famous Johnnie Fox’s pub which claims to be Ireland’s ‘highest’ pub. We had a long lunch, and I tried Irish Coffee for the first time. The food was really good and my friends and I have decided we need to get back up to Johnnie Fox’s for one of their Hooley Nights sometime soon.

On Saturday my friend Katie and I decided to book a day trip to the Wicklow Mountains. Our drive John was a bit crazy and was constantly singing to all of us passengers. If I’m being honest I would’ve preferred to explore Wicklow at my own pace in a care, but it was good fun and we got to see some beautiful locations. Katie and I were just proud of ourselves that we were up early on a Saturday morning doing something that didn’t involve watching Netflix.


Today the plan is to head to a pub called Cobblestones which is known for having trad music everyday, and also we’re going to go shopping for Paddy’s day outfits and accessories. Friday is a national holiday which means a 4 day week for pretty much everyone followed by the 4 day festival which runs from Thursday to Sunday. I’ve always been a fan of St. Patrick’s Day but this year I’m excited to be celebrating in Dublin.

Now that my time in Dublin is more than halfway over I’m trying to make the most of my last 4ish months here, and I’m excited to see what the spring and summer brings! Hopefully it brings sun though, because I’m growing paler by the day.