The halfway point

As I’m writing this I’ve actually nearly hit my 7 month mark of living in Ireland, but this post is to commemorate the first half of my [hopefully] year-long experience here.

In the last 6 months I have:

  • Found a place to live (not an easy feat in Dublin, let me tell you)
  • Learned a bit of Irish
  • Seen a lot of stand-up comedy
  • Found a job (or 6). I’ve worked as a receptionist (in a handful of places), auction staff member (on several, usually unplanned, occasions), bartender (for all of one day), call centre employee, and legal secretary.
  • Drunk an embarrassing amount of Guinness
  • Mastered Dublin’s Public Transport
  • heard “Galway Girl” about a million times
  • made friends
  • eaten fondue
  • watched my first hockey game
  • attended my first rugby match
  • saw an American football game in Dublin (wow who knew I was so into sports?)
  • Had an Irish Thanksgiving
  • Had an Irish Christmas
  • Ate Five Guys twice, and it was glorious both times
  • Not left this island…

My goals for the second half of my time here include keeping a job long enough to support myself for the next 5 months, and also to do a road trip around Ireland as well as hopefully visit some other places in Europe. My year of living in Dublin is suddenly more than half-way over and there are still so many things to see and do. Here’s to hoping I can accomplish these things before my visa expires and I’m sent back to America much paler than I was when I left. I really miss the sun.


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